Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

High Voltage Maintenance delivers a comprehensive portfolio of focused services and understands the complexities of ensuring the highest quality and availability of power. We offer solutions such as:

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Your healthcare facility provides care and services to many, but unreliable power quality or even the shortest interruption can be detrimental to lives and your bottom line. You can’t afford to neglect the systems and components that comprise your main electrical distribution system and backup system. If you are like most healthcare facilities, you know that many of your components are aging rapidly and can begin to raise the risk factor involved in their continuous use. High Voltage Maintenance has the experience necessary to assist you in getting the most reliability and efficiency from your electrical assets and ensuring the highest levels of availability.

Our experts can customize solutions that cater to your needs, utilizing a variety of services aimed at supporting your mission-critical goals. Our solutions for healthcare facilities can help you:

  • Increase system availability and efficiency
  • Reduce overall costs
  • Monitor asset reliability
  • Ensure data integrity and 24/7/365 power to critical systems
  • Complete distribution system optimization
  • Upgrade and extend the life of aging assets


2010 JCAHO Standards for Hospital Environment of Care Pertaining to Electrical Systems

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