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High Voltage Maintenance delivers a comprehensive portfolio of focused services and understands the complexities of ensuring the highest quality and availability of power. We offer solutions such as:


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According to U.S. energy projections, power consumption will grow 1% annually by 2035.  Keeping up with the demand has seen an increase in new plants and energy resources.  The demand for power is critically important therefore it requires a partner that can assist you in meeting the increased demand on your facility and electrical assets and make sure you are extracting the highest performance from your operation.  When experience counts,  HVM is your single-source solution.

Our experts will customize solutions that cater to your needs, utilizing a variety of services aimed at supporting your operational goals.  Our solutions for power will:

  • Optimize performance and efficiency of assets
  • Reduce overall costs
  • Monitor asset reliability
  • Improve safety and reliability


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